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May 04, 2016 at 07:21 AM

HTTPS URL configuration without port


Dear Gurus,

We have SOLMAN 7.2 system where both ABAP & JAVA stacks are splitted into two systems AAA (ABAP only) & JJJ (JAVA only). Now HTTPS URL for ABAP system is working fine without mentioning the port no. in the URL & also SSO is being taken care of.

https://<hostname>/sap/public/ping?sap-client=000 is working fine where we dont need to specifically mention port no.

However for JAVA system , unless untill we mention the port specifically in the HTTPS URL , it's not being accessible & additionally as expected it's not directly taking us to the system rather it's asking for ID , password to access the ABAP URL.

URL currently being used: https://<hostname>:<https_port>/nwa & then we need to provide ID password

URL want to be used: https://<hostname>/nwa , so hat port will be binded and user login will be taken care of utomatically via SSO .

Please suggest how to configure the same so that JAVA HTTPS URL can be used without specifically mentioning port in the URL & SSO can be used for configuring ?

NB: 1. Please note that ABAP & JAVA instances, both are running in same host & ABAP is already using the HTTPS port 443 , so for JAVA HTTPS, we cant keep same port for default hiding.

2. Secondly, please let me know if it can be done without using web dispatcher .