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Fiori Launchpad - How big can the Tile Catalog get before you hit performance issues?

Hi All,

I read in a note somewhere that the number Tile Catalog should not get too big due to performance degradation of the Fiori Launchpad (can't recall which note # sorry); but now I find myself looking at a requirement which includes several new catalogs for all users with a significant number of links to existing web applications in each catalog (let's say around 200 links within 10 catalogs). 

Note - While these appear in the tile catalog, the user will still have very limited tiles on their landing page but the idea is they can take useful links they may use daily and place it on their home page for easy reference.

Hence we come to my question: Is there a rule of thumb or guidance on what limits should be placed on catalogs/tiles?  Does Fiori search using a HANA side-car help at all (though I'm assuming this does not impact the catalog view)?




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2 Answers

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    May 05, 2016 at 08:33 AM

    HI Matt

    Ok well based on what I have seen recently at customers  this depends a lot on the type of tile, whether it is calling a OData service, how well that OData service performs, & what caching you are using.

    Eg if you are using Smart Business Tiles you really want to be using the associated caching mechanism... Which means being on the appropriate SAPUI5 release ... Which as I recall is 1.34.

    I haven't seen any good rules of thumb yet...because it is so dependent on which tiles, which OData Services, what caching mechanisms, etc.

    From a UX strategy point of view I would suggest being very cautious about how many tiles you put in the initial group of the launchpad anyway. Information overload can be a bigger problem for users than performance load.  Sure sign of lack of UX design is a dashboard of random just-in-case tiles. Dashboards need to "tell a story" too ... Eg is today going to be a good day?

    (suspect I am preaching to the converted here but for the benefit of others...).

    Hope that helps a little


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    • Thanks Jocelyn. Nearly all of the large number are static tiles which only appear in the Tile Catalog, so sounds like we should be okay (though I do wonder if HANA Based Fiori search with business object searching would be beneficial here also)...

      And I noted the "note" for the caching mechanism, but am holding off on that till it becomes an issue, as so far, the SSB Tiles are minimal in the overall scheme of things.

      BTW - Plan is to have a usable start point for end users with under 20 Tiles grouped nicely, then the user can go "sick" from there with the personalisation and addition of more pertinent tiles to their landing page (I've been calling it landing page as still don't know the term for the Fiori Launchpad start page which will need another name once Fiori 2.0 is in place and there are 3 parts to this landing page)...

      Actually, I think I'll just stick with 42 as the answer 🤪



  • May 04, 2016 at 11:56 AM

    42....the answer is 42. 🤪

    (*seriously, I am curious to hear this as well)

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