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How to hide 'Personal Values List' in webdynpro search help popup

Hi, I have a quick and hopefully simple question.

We have a custom webdynpro field where the user has to enter a lodgement frequency: Monthy, Quarterly, or Half Yearly.

When the user clicks on the icon at the right of the field, the following popup appears

This is a standard SAP search help popup, and it allows the user to set a 'Personal Value List' (see the red arrow above).

My question is: How do we hide / turn off this 'Personal Value List' option ?

I've tried setting WDDISABLEUSERPERSONALIZATION, and I've fiddled with the properties of the InputField and the context element.

Nothing seems to work.

thanks in advance,


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    May 04, 2016 at 09:53 AM

    Well, there are few threads looking out for the same setting.

    Going through the code in class CL_WDR_DDIC_SEARCH_HELP which calls this FM, 'WDR_CALL_SHLP_EXIT', I realized if I place an implicit enhancement before end function and set condition something like below, it works.

    IF callcontrol-step = 'PRESEL1' and callcontrol-TOP_SHLP = 'Search Help Name Here'.

         callcontrol-pvalues = 'D'. "Disables it


    I do not recommend this method though and this method will disable the Personal list link from webdynpro fields for all applications using the search help. Secondly it's like hard coded although this can be controlled from TVARVC,

    The other way around is use of custom data element and provide search help exit.

    Search Help Exit - ABAP Dictionary - SAP Library

    Check this FM 'F4IF_SHLP_EXIT_EXAMPLE' for detailed understanding.

    Additionally, If we check this components 'WDR_F4_GLOBAL_SETTINGS' or 'WDR_F4_SETTINGS', it surely provides an option to disable at system level. Guess, these can be copied locally to a zproject and can be tested accordingly.

    Edit: For custom search help, this threads would help.

    Implementing Search Help Exits - Code Gallery - SCN Wiki



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    •   Santosh - Thank you for that very well researched answer.

        I suppose I was after a solution that would operate just at the Webdynpro level, and would not require any changes to the backend - and especially would not change the behavior of search helps in the backend! I don't like to upset our Test team.

        In the end I decided to sever the link with the backend search help, and go with OVS (Object Value Selector) instead. For those unfamiliar with OVS, it is a webdynpro component that allows you build/configure your own search helps in Webdynpro views.

        The OVS config looked daunting at first, but turned out to be reasonably straightforward.