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May 03, 2016 at 11:02 PM

How to hide 'Personal Values List' in webdynpro search help popup


Hi, I have a quick and hopefully simple question.

We have a custom webdynpro field where the user has to enter a lodgement frequency: Monthy, Quarterly, or Half Yearly.

When the user clicks on the icon at the right of the field, the following popup appears

This is a standard SAP search help popup, and it allows the user to set a 'Personal Value List' (see the red arrow above).

My question is: How do we hide / turn off this 'Personal Value List' option ?

I've tried setting WDDISABLEUSERPERSONALIZATION, and I've fiddled with the properties of the InputField and the context element.

Nothing seems to work.

thanks in advance,



small.PNG (1.3 kB)