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May 03, 2016 at 11:02 PM

Not able to delegate model training to SAP HANA through SAP PA desktop


Hi All,

For last couple of days, I have been trying to delegate my model training to SAP HANA through SAP PA Desktop 2.5 version but it does not seem to take place. I have already done all the pre-requisite as mentioned below.

1. Have got APL 2.5 installed on HANA server.

2. Have assigned AFL_PM_CREATOR_ERASER_EXECUTE AND AFL__SYS_AFL_APL_AREA_EXECUTE rights to the right user.

3. Have executed required sql scripts as mentioned in APL 2.5 reference document under section 2.7

4. Have ensured that APL is installed correctly by using sql under section 2.6 as well us by using PING function.

5. have also ensured that script server instance is running in HANA.

6. Have created the required ODBC connection to HANA database through SAP PA desktop version.

7. Have ensured that required option to delegate the training is checked under preferences in SAP PA desktop version.

8. Have ensured that I am not use decision tree option while generating the model.

9. Have ensured that HANA database revision is correct.

10. Have checked that APL version matches with the SAP PA desktop version.

I am trying to do a classification/regression model. Can anybody help me find out what else I might be missing or should do? My objective is to boost the performance because it takes lot of time to create a model on local machine as the size of the input data is very large.

Any help would be highly appreciated.


Rajiv kumar