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May 03, 2016 at 04:42 PM

What will happen to Communications?


So I'm being selfish here, this is important for me personally. I haven't really had time to be active on SCN lately. Sometimes when that happens, the only thing I have time for is to scroll through Communications. It usually takes me less than 2 minutes. I tried to see how the new platform would help me stay up to date in the future and I have a hard time seeing how the Activity Stream (Activity, Notifications) would give me the same service as Communications does today. I can see that there is a filter for activity types but not all activity types are covered or maybe they are grouped differently?

That said, it is very likely that I haven't understood something about the Activity Stream and even more likely is that I do not know the technical capabilities of it, e.g. what could be done with a REST API shouldn't there be a query by default that satisfies me. Basically, what I would like to see is something like (in pseudo code)

show activity where activitytype eq 'mention' or activitytype eq 'reply' or activitytype eq 'tracked' or activitytype eq 'bookmarked' and activitydate gt today-30 and sorted by activitydate desc

In other words I wouldn't want to see activity of the tags or people I follow because it takes too long to scroll through. Would it be totally unreasonable to request the ability to customize/personalize filters in the Activity Stream?