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May 03, 2016 at 01:12 PM

Currency conversion issue in purchse order


Hello All

Getting issue while converting purchase requisition to purchase order.

Scenario is as below

Service purchase requisition created : 1660000 (Mauritanian currency)

While creating purchase order currency being picked up form vendor (USD) like below

Amount copied from PR

Changed currency same as PR and exchange rate determined.

System calculates the exchange rate and value determined below

currency exchange rate changed manfully but no effect in value.

We can see the issue in below gross price field, it should be changed to 1, due to that unable to save the purchase order.

if we try with less value then its working fine.

problem is with high value

1 USD = 32258 MRO

here value is not converting to MRO and getting below error.

Value of line exceeds allowed value limit.

Kindly suggest to fix this issue.




1.PNG (7.2 kB)
2.PNG (14.4 kB)
4.PNG (15.6 kB)
5.PNG (7.0 kB)
6.PNG (5.8 kB)
9.PNG (3.3 kB)