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May 03, 2016 at 09:51 AM

Full and Final Settlement


Dear Experts,

Need your Suggestions for Full and Final settlement

My client wants to Use Termination work bench for paying full and final settlement.

I have gone through the links which posted earlier and has gain some idea on it.

But i am not getting the clarity that. what is the Notice date and Leaving date ?

and one more node i have seen that is Configuring notice pay and Calculation Method for Notice pay.

Could you please give any one with example how this Work bench calculates the Payments .

and is there is any formula we need to set up for IT0016 ?

And one more thing we have developed one custom function for Paying the Gratuity and if employee eligible his gratuity will get updated in IT0015.

Need your valueble suggestions to complete my task.

Thanks in Advance.