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May 02, 2016 at 07:57 PM

Deployment of Patched Software


We recently upgraded our Business Objects Platform servers from 4.0 sp4 to 4.1 sp6 fp3. We also had to upgrade the Business Objects Client.

Together the base version (4.1 sp6) and sp6 fp3 combine to be over 2.5 gbs. Its a large update to a machine. It takes about 40 minutes to update a machine.

Our deployment team found a method to deploy as one package instead of deploying the base version and then installing the patch. They do this by only copying over the files that are different between the patch and the base install. They used beyond compare to do the comparison.

As a result of doing this and removing language files, the single install patch is only about 1.5 gbs and takes less than 20 minutes to remove the old program and add in the new program. It does seem to work. We have not had any problems with the software deployed through this method yet.

My question is has anyone else done or tried this? I have not found anything in the SAP literature or this merging or "slipstreaming" with Business Objects Software.