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May 02, 2016 at 07:01 PM

Outbound call CTI - Simulation


Hi there,

I would like to simulate a phone outbound call from C4C. How can I achieve it?

I am using the CTI Adapter and there is only an option to simulate the inbound calls, that works fine and when I simulate an inbound call it shows up in the Live Activity.

However, I cannot do the same for the outbound.

Here are two tries that I have made to understand the tool and use it:

  1. I already have changed the C# project “SAPCODCTIConnector” to log when the “SAPCODCTIConnector.dll” reaches the method dialOut. Therefore, I can use this url: http://localhost:36729/CTIOutbound.htm to click the button “Outbound call” and will save in the log, for example, “02/05/2016 10:57:36: Dialed number: 4445556677”. Another way is to type http://localhost:36729/?CID=SAPCOD&PHONENUMBER=4445556677 on the browser.

That works fine, but nothing happens on the C4C, no ticket, no phone call, no register is made. It is supposed to be like this? I can only have a log in a text file, nothing in the C4C?

2. Presuming that 1 is not the correct way to use the CTI Adapter. I thought that has some button on the C4C or some way to create an outbound call that will do the same as before reaching the method dialOut and left a register in C4C.

However, there is nothing in the Live Activity. I also tried to create a new phone call with “Direction” set to “Outbound” with no success, nothing happens. How to trigger the method dialOut?

I have already read these documentations and threads:

Any help is appreciated, thanks.


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