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May 02, 2016 at 05:50 PM

Code Object Names > 40 Chars long : Problematic?


Dear Sr PowerBuilder Developers

I am wondering about this issues and its potential long term effects: What does your experience say?

Help Doc: Section --> Identifier Names describes them as a term given to name "variables, labels, windows, controls, menus and anything else you refer in scripts"

Among the rules for identifier names: Can have up to 40 characters but no spaces

BUT in the help doc section "Naming the DataWindow Object" it says "The DataWindow Object name can be any valid PowerBuilder Identifier up to 255 contiguous characters"

We have many code objects with names that are longer than 40 characters. In some cases names are not unique until beyond 40 characters

Painter Save dialogs do not limit the number of characters entered and allows saving with a name that is greater than 40 characters

The compiler permits declaring both and identifier names longer than 40 characters. Both References and assignments are legal

Source code control (with TFS) properly exports / checks In / checks out / imports long named code objects

BUT I encountered one problematic situation: Export - The Export dialog displays the name truncated at 40 characters. It does this both in both v12.5 & v12.6

We are considering launching a project to shorten object names. - But I'm not sure of the real value of the effort.

To your knowledge are there other issues that arise from super-sized names? Aside from the Painter bug/quirkiness are there other potential pitfalls?



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