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May 02, 2016 at 12:44 PM

PIR with Requirement Plan causing issue


Hi Friends,

I had experience with PIR upload using Requirement Plan, I worked with requirement type BSF and LSF there was no issue. But Currently we are using Z Planning strategy which is copy of 50. the requirement type is VSE and description is changed as "Preplanning w/o Assembly.

In MD04, the description of Strategy below which all MRP elements like PIR will come, is changing like " preplanning GPEOFCST" where GPEOFCST is Requirement Plan name.

But if I enter PIR at Material level (without Requirement Plan) description is as same as Strategy description. I feel there is no impact on functionality but visually its impacting the description.

Please find the attached document with screen shots. and let me know your comments.




PIR_LSF.PNG (30.1 kB)
PIR_VSE_ReqPlan.PNG (103.3 kB)