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May 02, 2016 at 11:07 AM

S4HANA 1511 installation..Problem in HAN DB import.(Defunct process)


Hello Experts,

We have a strange problem in 1511 installation.

During the DB import phase, the import halts without any reason. It will not update the error logs as well.

Up on checking, we find that the CPU utilization for all the R3load processes will become zero.

Further checks shows that, the indexserver becomes like this;

hd1adm 21900 14230 19 04:44 ? 00:12:15 [hdbindexserver] <defunct>

It will not let us use that DB instance even after OS reboot. We need to install new DB instance each time it fails.

System Environment :

OS - SUSE Linux 11 SP2.

HDB - HANA 1.0 SP11.

SAP - S4HANA 1511.

Memory - 512GB

All the mount points have sufficient free space as well.

mhdhana02:~ # df -h

Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on

/dev/mapper/vg0-root 9.9G 5.2G 4.3G 55% /

devtmpfs 253G 304K 253G 1% /dev

tmpfs 380G 0 380G 0% /dev/shm

/dev/sda1 98M 23M 71M 25% /boot

/dev/mapper/vg0-hanadata 985G 71G 864G 8% /hana/data

/dev/mapper/vg0-shared 504G 198G 307G 40% /hana/shared

/dev/mapper/vg0-usrsap 99G 5.4G 94G 6% /usr/sap

/dev/mapper/vg0-hanalog 493G 17G 451G 4% /hana/log

/dev/mapper/vg0-sapmnt 99G 1.7G 92G 2% /sapmnt

mhdhana02:~ #

Unable to find the root cause. Please let us know if anyone have come across this situation & found the fix.


Suresh Kadali