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May 02, 2016 at 11:16 AM

Push message not delivered


Hi all,

We are trying to send push notifications to APNS (Apple), but we don't receive any push notifications in the app.

After a lot of testing and verifying settings I don't know what to check anymore.

We use SMP and have created an application configuration where APNS push is configured with the correct certificate.

To verify that the certificate and app are correct, we did a test on a backend that has a direct connection to the APNS server. The push messages are received successfully.

The app is registered on SMP, and the app has updated the registration with the APNS token. We have checked this with getting the registration info for this application connection.

Our request message to SMP:

Endpoint: https://[our SMP server]/restnotification/registration/11cedf5b-515a-49f1-9dd2-5525e6c3b391


"alert": "alertval",

"badge": 1,

"data": "testData",

"sound": "soundval"


The response from SMP:

{"status": {

"value": "OK",

"code": 0


I have attached the logfile, and the last message says

##SMP: Push: APNS: submitting to Apple server at (ms): 1462179481833


##push_sending_notif |

It does not indicate that something goes wrong.

Can anybody say what the problem could be?

Kind regards,

Roel Traag

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