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May 02, 2016 at 08:52 AM

re-use successful idoc to generate new order number


Hello experts,

Pls advise detail steps together with Tcodes. Thx.

Requirement: how to re-use successful idoc to generate new order number.

For example, an idoc#111 has generated sales order#1 successfully. For testing purpose, i want to re-use data in idoc#111 to generate new sales orders in the same client.

So I used WE19 to re-process idco#111 & got a new idoc#222. As idoc#222 indicated sales order#1, I changed it from #1 to #2 in idoc#222 & re-processed idoc#222 successfully via BD87. Idoc#222 shows the status 03.

When I display sales order#2, the system shows an error message below.

"SD document 2 is not in the database or has been archived. message no. V1302".

I have checked the order number & order#1 is the latest one. So i used #2.


1. Anything i missed that casued the error message? How to solve it?

2. If my handling is wrong, pls guide me.

消息编辑者为:Cat L Now the idoc#222 status is 12. But sales order#2 still does not exist due to the same error. Pls help. Thx.