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May 02, 2016 at 08:04 AM

esp_server.exe eats my RAM



in the past I had the same problem with another project and found no solution to it.

I work on a project with some ~7 flex streams and some other streams/windows.

And I had to see that the esp_server.exe of this project grows constantly.

My first conclusion was that there is a window which has constant update and a wrong retention policy. But the meta_streams showed me all windows work correctly (max. 250 entries).

Second place I was looking to was the flex streams (no flex windows) and there dictionaries and eventcaches. Via output [...] I checked there sizes and no one has a size over 300 events.

All my streams a non-key streams and my memory-size in the .ccr is set to 512 MB but the dose not affect the consumption at all.

Additionaly the debug level is set to 0 and the refresh interval of the performance monitor is also 0.

Currently we are working with the ESP version 5.1.08

And it is a single node environment.