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May 02, 2016 at 08:21 AM

Creating a Mashup using third party REST service


Hi Experts,

I have to create a Mashup in Service Tickets screen of SAP C4C in order to consume the REST API from a third party chat provider.


1.I have to integrate Pandora Chat Bot which is an Artificial Intelligence bot with C4C using the REST API's provide by the Pandora Bot.

2.I need to integrate this bot in the Service Tickets screen as a Mashup.

Steps Done from my end:

1.I have the API key and URL for service provider.

2.I have created a REST Mashup Webservice under Mashups and Webservices.

I am not sure whether to go for

  • URL/Data Mashup
  • Port binding which i need to use.
  • Mashup Category which i need to use.

I have tried creating a Data Mashup similar to the Knowledge base mashup using RSS/Atom as explained in the help tutorial but when I try to findthe REST service which i created it is not available in the list when i open the OVS.

Please share your thought on how to proceed with my requirement further.

@Chandan Bankar @Horst Schaude Former Member

Thanks in advance.




DataMashup.png (69.3 kB)