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May 01, 2016 at 10:22 AM

Adding Attachments to Event Messages via EM OData Service


Adding attachments to event messages is easy when directly using the function module BAPI_EH_ADDEVENTMSG_02 or the EM Web Interface as described in [1]. I also implemented this for an app a while ago [2].

However, for a UI5 app I'd like to use the EM OData service. But it doesn't seem to support file attachments, what is the way to go?

  • Just attach a link to the actual file via EM parameters as suggested by @Zenon Kowalewski in [3]
  • Enhance the EM OData service methods beyond standard customizing via SPRO (where do I start?)
  • Create a second OData service based on BAPI_EH_ADDEVENTMSG_02

[1] Adding Attachments to Event Messages - Event - SAP Library

The ultimate Step by Step Guide for Wizardry

Thanks in advance for any suggestions on this.