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Apr 29, 2016 at 09:31 PM

Intial load EWM for Vendor Consignment Stock


In this moment we are preparing the initial load for an implementation and we are working in the initial load. We want use the transaction/SCWM/ISU to load all the initial stock which is basically consignment stock and almost all batch managed. In this I have basically two questions.

  • Batches: Do we need create the batches prior to the load? I have tested and this case and I am getting the message Batch &1 does not exist for product &2 (/SCWM/STOCK_UPLOAD 022). In your experience is there any way to create this batch during the load like in the ERP?
  • Consignment Stock: Do any of you has performed initial load for vendor consignment stock? I am struggling with the Owner/Party entitle to dispose. When I include in the Party Entitled to Dispose and the owner with the BP of the vendor I get the message Party entitled to dispose &1 is not allowed in warehouse number &2 (/SCWM/MD 036) but if I use the BP Vendor as Owner and PL1000 as Party Entitled to Dispose I get the message Owner (&1) or party entitled to dispose (&2) is incorrect (/SCWM/MD 026) so which one is the correct combination?

Thank you

Jose Luis