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Apr 29, 2016 at 02:47 PM

Configuring CO-PA in S/4FIN


I am working with a client, which is service business, and they are implementing S/4HANA as a greenfield implementation. The recommendation in S/4HANA is to use account based CO-PA, rather than costing based CO-PA as all the information can now be available on the universal jnl. I understand the logic behind this, and in terms of reporting, all the analysis available from costing based CO-PA is now available on the GL, and so CO-PA and FI does not need to be reconciled. However I am struggling with how this should actually be configured. One of the main reasons costing based CO-PA was generally preferred was because it applied COS postings at the point of, and in direct relation to billing. Account based CO-PA followed FI rules and the costs were only posted at the point of goods issue or actual posting of the cost, and a subsequent allocation to CO-PA was then performed. In a scenario where labour costs, for example, are incurred to complete a sales order, how would this be shown in account based CO-PA (and in real time), when actual labour costs are posted via payroll to a cost centre, once a month? Allocating to profitability segments would likely be a complex and/ or manual assessment which would, at best, only be run at month end. Can the methods applied in costing based CO-PA, such as valuations, (either through product costing or condition types) now be set up in account based CO-PA? I’m struggling to find any clear guidance on how to set up CO-PA in S/4HANA, that clearly shows how the traditional benefits of costing CO-PA can be achieved through account based CO-PA which is now the recommended approach. Any advice is welcome. thanks