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Apr 29, 2016 at 11:43 AM

Cannot send approval email for creating vendors for a particular account group (workflow)


Hi all

Users in a particular account group (Z012) are experiencing an issue when they try and create a vendor in

the Portal system (MDG). No emails are issued to the approvers.

Looking in the backend ECC system, we see the error:

Object method sendtaskdescription cannot be executed.

The long text says:

No errors occurred -> Details in long text
Message no. WL050


We do not have a problem for any other account groups.

Having looked at the workflow, it shows "Document <> could not be sent" but does not give us a reason.

There appears to be valid email approvers picked up by the workflow/in the container.

This works for other account groups.

We recently patched the system and it seems that the function module involved (SWW_SRV_MAIL_SEND) has

changed as of SP13 (SAPKB73113) and this now includes a field 'doctype'.

Could there be something in the specific configuration of account group Z012 that is affected by this new

field that is causing the issue?

Note that all other workflows (checked in SM58) and email (checked in SOST) are working fine, and this issue

is only affecting account group Z012.