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Feb 07, 2017 at 06:22 PM

When does binding happen?


Hi all,

appreciate your help on the following -

I have an application with an XML view. In the view I have a grid and I would like to define a filter for this grid in the view's controller.

However when I first enter the oninit the binding is undefined. If I get back to the same view later on using a back button this works fine.

whena view is loaded when is the binding done?

The view and controller:

<l:Grid id="masterGridCont" content="{path :'sign>/categories' , sorter : { path : 'sign>name', descending : false }}">
<ObjectListItem title="{sign>name}" icon="{sign>image}"></ObjectListItem>


onInit: function() { this.getRouter().getRoute("mastergrid").attachPatternMatched(this._loaCategory, this); }, _loadCategory: function(oEvent) { var oMasterGridCont = this.getView().byId("masterGridCont"); var oBinding = oMasterGridCont.getBinding("content");




Thanks in advance,