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Apr 29, 2016 at 08:08 AM

Need help regarding HTTPS with AS2 setup !!


Hi All,

We have a scenario wherein we are communicating with Bank using Seeburger AS2 with HTTPS while sending data.

We have sent them our certificate chain having our public certificate in .p7b format and vice-verse they have sent their 3 chained SSL certificate in .cer format.

Now, the issue is that when we use HTTPS with AS2, we have 2 additional fields to be filled.


1. I am not sure what needs to filled in these fields.

2. The received SSL certificate chain needs to installed individually in NWA or as one only

3. The location of SSL certificates in NWA. Which view should i use?

4. Is there any other setting to use SSL connection. We already have 443 SSL port enabled and in green status.

I believe once this SSL handshake is successful, the the role of AS2 certificate will come into play.

Please suggest.