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Apr 29, 2016 at 07:43 AM

Material Ledger - Revaluation of Consumption (CKMLCP)



At month-end before execution of CKMLCP we need to complete all CO activities like actual allocations and WIP & Variance calculation and settlement. So, once the settlement is done, the actual balance at Production order is ZERO i.e. Debit and Credit is equal. Normally, once the month-end closing is over there should not be any balance at the cost object level (production order).

My 2 Questions:

If the revaluation of Consumption is executed in CKMLCP:

1. Does it revaluate all consumptions (Material MovType 261 & Activity Types) OR it only revaluate Activity Types?

2. The Production Order balance is already ZERO after Settlement (KO88). So, if we now execute revaluation function, the system will post additional delta amount entries {(plan price-actual price)*actual qty} in Production Order. This will again create new balance at the Production Order level and Debit and Credit will not be equal. How & when this new balance/ variance will be nullified/ settled? What are the entries that gets posted.

Please try to clarify my doubts.