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Apr 28, 2016 at 04:35 PM

Reading the Value of a Dimension from a Data Source in Javascript



SAP Design Studio 1.6

SAP BEx 7.40

I have a data set with a multitude of dates which are stored as dimensions. In one screen of my dashboard I need to show 26 of these dates for one row of data. A crosstab scrolls off of the page so I have put listed the dates at the bottom of the page as label/value pairs using text objects. The idea is that when the user clicks on a PO #, the fields at the bottom will be populated for that project.

I was planning on using data binding but I discovered that data binding only works for key figures. I cannot reconfigure the BW data to make all of the dates key figures for a variety of reasons so my question is this: is it possible to extract the value of a dimension from a filtered query with Javascript?

Given a data source of MY_QUERY, is there any MY_QUERY.get* method or combination of methods that will get me the value of a specifically named dimension in the query?

Thanks in advance.

Jeff White


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