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Apr 28, 2016 at 03:48 PM

Extended Notification for Distribution List in SAP


I am using Workflow Rule 30000012 (SWX_READ_DLI) in my work-item and passing SAP Distribution List name in binding to fetch users IDs to send to their Inbox.

Once, workitem is created, will Extended Notification take care of reading Rule --> Distribution List --> SAP Users --> fetch their related Email ID in su01 - to send external email to their outlook?

I have never tried EN with distribution list and couldn't find anything online either.

Another question: How does an email with workitem having Form look in Outlook? If I am using Approve type Form, does it give only Approve/Reject options in the Email or it gives the form as well to fill out. For the Rejection reason popup, I found SAP recently sent an OSS note, which creates a Text box in the Outlook Email body to enter notes. Is there anything similar for Forms as well or that works fine already?