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Apr 27, 2016 at 02:51 PM

Error at update statement in AMDP procedure


Hi All,

I have created the AMDP procedure as follows:

METHOD my_hana_procedure by database procedure

for hdb

language sqlscript.

lt_temp_tab = select *from :i_view; -----> copying an entire data from importing parameter i_view to temporary table lt_temp_tab


declare cursor c_cth_data for -----> Declaring cursor to loop through result set of table

select * from :lt_temp_tab;

for r1 as c_cth_data do

update :lt_temp_tab -----> Here we are getting an error (some weird error as SQL script error : &a1&A2&a3&A4).

set S_FPCA = (r1.S_FTCA * 0.014) -----> logic here is to update row field of a temporary table to some new value

where S_FRES = r1.S_FRES;

end for;



instead of importing temporary table if i use any other table like SFLIGHT i will not get any error.

Is there any restriction that we cannot use update for temporary table (lt_temp_tab) as explained above in procedure in AMDP procedure?

Please suggest me here .

Thanks in advance,