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Apr 27, 2016 at 12:42 PM

Effect of only defining Retention Period for Archiving Object (ISU_BILL) but not using it


Hi Expert,

I have a requirement to archive profile values of static historical profiles like usage, line loss of a particular zone which is independent of billing document header archiving. But whenever I set the retention period for EDM Profiles (Object ISU_PROFV), system is giving me following message and not allowing me to save it:


A retention period has been entered for a profile value category, that is shorter than that of the billing document headers.

This is an invalid entry, because you cannot archive profile values before billing document headers.

System Response

The system does not permit you to save the retention period combination.


Correct the retention period for the profile value category or the corresponding billing document header category accordingly.

So far there is no requirement of archiving billing header document. So my question is, if I set the retention period of billing document headers equal to the retention period of edm profiles and only be using edm profile value archiving, will there be any issue with billing header document?