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Mar 02, 2006 at 01:05 AM

Anyway to automatically change processing mode on partner profile???


We have a situation where we need to lock down SAP for a few hours every night so a credit reorg job can run. However, at the same time we need delivery idoc's to be sent into the same SAP system but we cannot allow them to post since they may interfere with credit job. For business reasons this job MUST run and everyone must be locked out of SAP while it runs. We don’t have the option of collecting outside of SAP unfortunately.

During normal operation we have the partner profile entry for deliveries to process by triggering immediately since the delivery IDOC is essential for normal business operation. While this job runs(say 10pm - Midnite) we'd like to change it to trigger by background program so the IDOC's are in SAP ready to be processed as soon as the job is complete.

TO summarize, this is how we'd like to set it up:

1) Lock out all SAP users except one used to send in Delivery IDOC's

2) Change inbound parameter for deliveries to trigger by background job

3) Continue sending deliveries into SAP while job runs for 2 hours

4) As soon as job finishes, run RBDAPP01 to process collected delivery IDOC's

5) Reset inbound parameter for deliveries to trigger immediately so any new delivery IDOC's get posted since SAP is now up and available.

Is there anyway to do this via ABAP or some type of event handling???