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Apr 26, 2016 at 04:56 PM

Issue with Fiori Launchpad via SAP Business Client 6.0 PL2


Hi all,

We have an issue when accessing the Fiori Launchpad via SAP Business Client 6.0 PL2:

In the Fiori Launchpad we have a Tile that login into the backend system:

Till here everything is OK...

BUT something happens when we try to access the backend system (using the same Tile) after we opened a new tab in SAP Business Client...

Steps to reproduce:

1. We have a Tile to access a Fiori app. We access to Fiori app:

2. This application loads a colored calendar where each cell of calendar allows you to navigate to another application. When we click on a day, a new tab is opened in SAP Business Client:

The UI5 code we used to open a new Tab is:

var href_For_Product_display =

( sap.ushell && sap.ushell.Container && oCrossAppNavigator.hrefForExternal({

target : { semanticObject : "ServiceEntrySheet", action : 'openappBus' },

params : { "WorkMasterPlans" : guid } })) || "";

var newWindow =;,"_top");

3. In the new Tab, we click to the Homepage icon, and we come back to Fiori Launchpad screen:

4. We click again over the same Tile that before to access the backend system... BUT this time the SAP Business Client uses WebGUI service in the backend system to display the backend transaction screen (like happens when you are on a internet browser):

Any idea why it happens? It seems like the SAP Business Client is working like an internet browser when we open a new Tab via UI5 app...

Miguel Angel.


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