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Apr 26, 2016 at 01:55 PM

Dynamic code list from an external system in a SDK field



In our C4C project we are not using a middleware (neither HCI nor PO) for integration to SAP ERP (I know, I know; not best practice, but as a consultant I'll have to move on). Customer has lots of z-fields in their landscape and possible input values of those fields are a lot (for ex, a z-field has more than 100 possible values). In our project scope, all of this functionality will be handled in C4C, so we are creating new fields via Studio.

Now our question is, how would it be possible to maintain the possible codelist values for those fields in runtime, dynamically? What should the data type for this Z-field be, and how can we read the possible values of that field from its customizing table in ERP on runtime and validate the field on C4C accordingly?

Fyi: For starters, we created a remote Z-function in ERP with an importing parameter as table, and when you give the customizing table name to this function, it returns the possible values of that table. We can create a web service for this function, but how do we call it from the codelist functionality?