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Apr 26, 2016 at 02:08 PM

problem while crating sales orders for new sales area



We created a new sales org in ECC and the date is completely set up in CRM. All the PPOMA, PPOCA and PP01 setting for organization are done.

when I crate the sales order in CRM and enter the customer and Mateiral (extended to new sales organization) and hit enter the Pop up window is not showing me the new sales organization to select. I have to go in to the organization tab and select the new organization unit manually and it works.

Once I save the order the order gets replicated to ECC with out any problems but once the replication is complete the organization unit becomes blank on the sales order in CRM.

I get errors " Enter an organizational unit (Sales)" at both Header and Item.

What am I missing?


Capture1.JPG (24.6 kB)