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Apr 26, 2016 at 09:46 AM

OData Service via MDX for BEx Query - Hierarchy Support?



I have created/defined an OData Service by using the following tutorial:

Transform SAP BW Queries into OData Service: Part 1 - Generation and Activation

MDX 2.0 is used.

I am able to view the XML results from the service:



But now I have a difficulty finding out whether Hierarchies which are activated in the BEx Query are available through the generated OData Service automatically or not, if not what needs to be done, so that the Hierarchy data is also available through the OData Service?

Final Goal: displaying data from a BEx Query Hierarchy in a UI5 app with Table - Breadcrumb component.

We have NW 7.3 not NW 7.4 yet, so we cannot use the option in BEx Query Designer "Extended > Release for External Access > By OData" which I heard (not tested myself) that supports Hierarchies, 1941751 - ODataQuery - Features and Limitations for SP06.

If we want to build a UI5 App (Reporting/Viewing data) where our BW Hierarchies can be accessed and we already have BEx Queries, but the System with BEx Queries is on NW 7.3, what are the possible options to build an OData Service which would deliver the Hierarchical data?

I have found the following SAP Note: 1574568 - SAP NetWeaver Gateway 2.0 - Known Constraints

Under: 22. (SP4 onwards) BW integration via MDX it states: Hierarchy is not supported

Can somebody confirm from own experience, whether I understand it correctly: if we created an OData Service based on MDX <> BEx Query, then we do not have access to the Hierarchies?

What options exist if we need access to the BW Hierarchies (Multiprovider, InfoProviders Cubes, BEx Queries, Hierarchies with Hierarchy Node Analysis Authorizations is what we are dealing with)?

Thank you for your insights!

Best regards