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Apr 25, 2016 at 10:42 PM

Process change question


Hello experts,

I'm a BPC consultant so I need some BW help and love. We have developed an ABAP program to create a custom hierarchy in BW 7.4. I'm trying to pull the hierarchy into BPC 10.0 using one of the standard BPC process chains. If I use the same process chain on a standard InfoObject the parent nodes pull in without an issue. When I connect to the custom object with a custom hierarchy, the parent nodes are not showing up. The custom program writes entries into the /BI*/H table to create the hierarchy and the hierarchy is activated at the end of the procedure. I checked the table entries in tables RSHIEDIR, RSHIEDIRT and /BI*/H, they are there. However I don't see entries in RSMHIERNODE or RSTHIERNODE tables. I'm thinking maybe that's the table where the parent members are populated from. How can check which table does the process chain connect to?

Thanks for all the help in advance!


I posted a similar question on the BPC forum but I think this question is too technical for the folks over there 😊