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Apr 25, 2016 at 09:43 PM

Redwood BPA 9 - Alert Source Email doesn't Interpret Redwood Script Correctly



In the previous version of CPS, we were using the following in the Alert Source Email to indicate the system name and system type to the recipient of the email. The below code would result in something like "CPS OQ9 (Non-Prod)" being placed in the email. The variables THIS.SYSTEM.NAME and THIS.SYSTEM.TYPE are defined in the System_Variables table. This worked great in the prior version of CPS.

CPS [?=Variable.getString('THIS.SYSTEM.NAME')?] ([?=Variable.getString('THIS.SYSTEM.TYPE')?])

In BPA 9, the above code still allows the email to send, but we get this in the email:

CPS ERROR:20160425150411CST/5b3d0dc5 (ERROR:20160425150411CST/5b3d0dc5)

Any ideas? Did the format of the code change? The Administrator Guide seems to indicate that the above should still work...