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Former Member
Apr 25, 2016 at 03:04 PM

is it possible to send more times POD in inbound



Because the quality of goods from supplier are not stable, I need to ask a third-party to inspect all materials from this vendor, and we couldn’t wait too long to let the third-party finish the whole inspection, that means when vendor send ASN, I could have more times partial GR by this ASN, now our system doesn’t send POD until the whole ASN get received, but looks it will cause data inconsistent between our system and supplier system when I do partial GR. I need to change it to be able to send POD even if we do partial GR. What I can imagine is, I change OPOD this output type requirement 17 to make it send POD when it’s partial GR, but the problem is, the 1st GR, it can send POD, but the next GR, it will not send another POD, I hope it could send more times POD, is it possible?