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approval process not triggering after data loaded in from Service integration

Feb 07, 2017 at 04:18 PM


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Dear Colleagues
I have developed a custom Business Object with an associated Approval Process.

I also have a service integration to load data into this BO. When I do this the approval process does not fire. The approval schema is not assigned.

I cannot see how to set this manually since the SchemaStatus is read only on the BO.


John Meadows

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2 Answers

Arun Mavinahally Lakshmikantha
Feb 08, 2017 at 06:33 AM

Hi John,

I am not sure for which BO you created an Approval Process. Please check the below blogs which might be helpful for your custom BO approval process.

Creating Custom Work Distribution Category for Approval Process Definition

How to Create Custom Approval Process and Configure it in Cloud Solution

Best Regards,

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Former Member Feb 08, 2017 at 08:06 AM

Hi Arun

Many thanks for your reply.

However, the links you have provided are not entirely relevant.

In my situation i have successfully create my own BO and created an associated Approval Process for this BO.

Everything works fine when data is added to the BO through the UI.

Part of my project is to fill this BO with data from SOAP web service, and this again works fine.

My problem is that when data is loaded via the web service into the BO, the approval process is not triggered.

Editing the data in the BO doesn't help :-(

I believe the issue is around the assignment of a data to field ServiceSchemaName, this seems to hold the approval process ID (its a SAP generated UUID) which is the same for all rows in the BO.

This fields is NOT populated when data is uploaded via the webservice, it is also read only so I cannot set it with the data upload.



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Hello John,

You're right: Without a schema no approval will be triggered.

The question is: Why is this element empty? It should have a single default value and is - as you observed - read-only.

If all works fine from the UI side, the only way I see is to raise an incident. :-(


Former Member

Hi Horst

Just for info, support have finally got around to telling me that my use case isn't supported.:-(

I have put it on the ideas forum.