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Apr 22, 2016 at 02:02 PM

Material Staging to wrong bin


Hi All

I had posted this same error previously and thought I'd fixed it but no. So here I am again asking the same type of question. If I could give triple points for a working solution I would, it's driving me mad!!!

In a nutshell.....

I am using MF60 to stage materials from a main SLoc to a production SLoc. (sharing the same warehouse)

On processing MF60 successfully the stock is moved between SLocs but the destination bin is not the one I have in the material master OR the control cycle.

It simply copies the storage bin from the main SLoc to the Production SLoc.

Am I making sense?!

How can I stage the materials to the control cycle bin or the MM bin.

CC staging indicator is 3

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated