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Apr 22, 2016 at 01:08 PM

avoiding reload of custom iView in left navig panel of classic framework


Hello experts,

In portal 7.4, we need to integrate a custom navigation iView (web dynpro java) in the left panel of the Desktop Innerpage of the classic framework (not ajax).

We have done the customizing as follows:

It works, but unfortunately, the whole inner page is reloading everytime the user clicks on any of the menus in the top level navigation area, consequently the iView is reloaded everytime and this is quite ugly (the consequence is more than a flicker as the loading animation remains 0.5 seconds):

We don't want the iView being reloaded.

I tried to adapt the Framework page by defining a new container so that to obtain a ┌ shape, then placing the iView in the lower left part. Unfortunately, we now have an error everytime we run a search from our Navigation iView, there's systematically a "session not found" error.

Maybe a solution would be to copy the code from the inner page (WAandNavPanel.jsp) to the Framework page (Framework.jsp), but I really feel uncomfortable with that (too much javascript in there!).

For information, we had tried the Ajax Framework page, but we had too many issues with it (other issues, tickets raised at SAP support), finally we abandoned it.

Do you have any idea how it could be possible (in the most simple way) to not reload the iView ?




iView reload.PNG (51.8 kB)
iView reload 2.PNG (43.6 kB)
Innerpage.PNG (44.5 kB)