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Mar 01, 2006 at 03:01 PM

IDES Installation - Instance RAM?


I've sucessfully installed IDES ERP 2004 on my test server as a CI/DB instance and it is up and running. The problem I have is that at least for now, this machine has limited memory. I know I will have to upgrade it but it will be a litle later. I thought that with a little bit of paging I should be able to run it with 1.5gb. Yes I still can, but my memory consumption it to the roof...

Here is the problem, in the installation process (SAPINST), I was asked wbout intance memory. Since I have phisically, I allocated it all to the instance memory (SAP was recommending 400MB). I think that is what is sending my memory allocation to the roof. When the AS is up an running with one user logged, I reach 3.85 Gb.

1 - How can I change it back to a more reasonable limit?

2 - How do I do it? RZ10? which parameters?


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