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Apr 21, 2016 at 01:51 PM

BW hierarchy update question



We are using an ABAP procedure to create a custom hierarchy in BW in a custom InfoObject. The procedure writes entries into the /BI*/HXYZ table. The hierarchy is activated and is visible both in BW. I can see hierarchy entries in the RSHIERDIR and RSHIERDIRT table but there are no values related to the hierarchy in the RSMHIERNODE table. When I try to run the Data manager package /CPMB/IMPORT_IOBJ_MASTER, the parent members are not pulling in. So my questions are:

Which BW table does the Import data manager package connect to to pull in the parent members? Should the hierarchy activation trigger writing the parent nodes into the RSMHIERNODE?

When I use the sames package with a standard BW InfoObject, the hierarchy comes through without any issue.

Thanks for any pointers in advance!