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Feb 07, 2017 at 03:19 PM

SLT replication during a source system upgrade ?

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We are planning an ECC source system upgrade in the coming week. Currently we are replicating around 200 tables from ECC (on SQL) to HANA. Please advise the below questions for the forth coming upgrade so as not to effect the SLT replication.

If the source system is getting ready for patching/upgrade.

1) Do we need to suspend/stop the SLT replication for all the 200 tables.

2) if we suspend, will there be any impact on the logging tables/source tables during or after the ECC upgrade.

3) Is suspend/stop the SLT replication mandatory when ECC is being taken down. i mean is it enough if we can just stop the Master job in SLT without doing a suspend/stop the table replication. IS it fine, as the ECC anyways will be taken down and do we still need to suspend/lock the SLT tables.

4) I have noticed that if we dint suspend in dev, there were a lot of dumps in the source system when the source system is up and the transactions were posted in the app tables that is source tables. Is it because of that or something else might caused it ?

5) I believe if we stop replication, the table will be deleted from the configuration and we need to re-add the table to the slt config, which is like starting from should we just stop the master job in SLT box, without stop replication of the tables ?

6) or we can just suspend the replication and stop the master job, and once the ECC is patched, we can start the master job and resume the replication.

i am confused with so many options, please advise asap as we have a planned upgrade next week. Please do post your experience or best practices while doing the source system upgrade.

Appreciate it, thanks for reading.