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Apr 20, 2016 at 01:26 PM

JSDoc HTML generation via SAP HANA WEB IDE: Problem analyzing some .js files


Dear SAP community,

during the documentation of SAP UI 5 Developments I encountered an issue.

Our web application is split according to the MVC logic and I store "view" and "controller" seperately.

I want to make use of the functionality of having any comments of "JS Doc" type, i.e. "./*** lorem ipsum ... ***/" stored as .html documentation.

However, during the generation I encounter the problem that exactly one of the "controller" + "view" pairs (out of ~8) cannot be analyzed.

The JSDoc query seems to detect the files (as they appear in the JSDoc .html output) but fails to read the specific comments.

In the documentation .html, the headline tag, e.g. <h2> XY.Controller.js </h2> is created, but no functions are read.

Is there any common error? I have tried editing the encoding (currently UTF-8)

My current attempts to narrow down the problem:

  • When i copy/pasted the code into a seperate file and tried to generate a JSDoc from it, it was unable to read the file.

Thus, my initial idea was that it could be that some part of the code contains an invalid character.

Also, it would be interesting to see the SAP HANA JSDoc Configuration file. Maybe a certain "include" or "exclude" pattern is set? How can I access it?

All helpful comments are appreciated!