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Apr 20, 2016 at 09:49 AM

SAP ONE Support Launchpad - questions slipping "past the radar"?


The SAP ONE Support Launchpad is here, and I'm using it.

I'm posting questions + feedback here on SCN and I often get a response, but sometimes I get no response at all, e.g. on those:


My impression is, that sometimes questions are slipping past the radar - if they are not notice shortly after they where created, they will not be noticed at all.

My Questions are:

1. Can I do something different?

2. Could the people that work on the Launchpad (and would probably be very happy to get feedback) do something different to actively look for open questions on that topic? (e.g. a daily search for open questions containing "SAP ONE Support Launchpad" ).

@Jamie Cantrell , can you help me out here, maybe?