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Feb 07, 2017 at 03:07 PM

Logging table not getting created during SLT replication + after prod refresh of source system?

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Hi, We have done a source system copy of the ECC system in our pre-prod box and all the logs and triggers exist because of which we are getting errors during the replication from ECC to SLT.

Please advise the below points.

Deleted all the tables, deleted triggers, deleted log tables, started afresh in the SLT. As the generated function modules will be existing in the source system, when ever I add a new SLT table in the data provisioning its creating an entry and complete the initial load without any issue, but when the replication start, I am getting a dump in the source system with the error, cadmc/0000000678 table not found etc.

1) how do we delete the generated function modules in the source system so that the generated fm can be created again, which will also create the log tables. Please note create log table in the admin option , is not creating the log table.

2) Is there any program or way to delete all the generated function modules in the source system for the replication tables.

3) is there any table to find the generated fm for each of the log tables maintained in any source table ?

4) how can we create a log table while adding a new table to the slt replication. I have even followed the guide and still there is nothing mentioned in the guide to delete the fm or to create a log table or to find the respective fm for the log tables.

5) We are getting sql error 208 for not finding the log table while doing the slt replication.

Its very strange that the initial load complete fine and then ends in dump when it start the replication. Basically its not creating a new generated program for replication and trying to use the old one, so I want to delete all the generated fm's so that it will create a new fm and a log table when I add a table for new replication.

Please advise if I am not clear. Appreciate it.

Thanks for reading.