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Apr 20, 2016 at 08:19 AM

How to config to remove the operation auto appended by SAP due to the order & notification integration setting?


Hi PM Guru,

It is a lingering issue for us.

Business wise concerned, we would like a notification is auto created along with the Preventive Order (PM02) so any finding or record can be filed against it without manually createing one.

Therefore, in SPRO, Order and notification integration, we set up:

Notification type M1 against Order type PM02 and Enhanced object list, we choose 3- Assignment of Operations to All Object List Entries Active.

The impact is right after the PM order created, there is always one operation auto added and assigned from the Notification.

It is rather useless or meaning operation

So when confirmation, it is there ready for confirmation.

How to remove it automatically, so the operation in confirmation is valid?

Thank you,