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Apr 19, 2016 at 02:54 PM

IDoc_AAE sender processing error


Hi all,

I try to set up IDoc to IDoc scenario on PO 7.4. This is my first time setting up an IDoc_AAE adapter and I tried various guides from SCN, but unfortunately none of them covers my error:

I set up PO side, ECC side and sent an IDoc. In the channel monitoring the message shows up with the following error:

Processing error = Object not found in lookup of CallSAPAdapter.

In the log viewer, this error also shows up, together with this error:

[JRA] serverExceptionOccurred. Server XI_IDOC_DEFAULT_PID, Managed_Application_Thread_28, connectionId=4-xxxxxx|sapgw00|XI_IDOC_DEFAULT_PID, Exception: (104) JCO_ERROR_SYSTEM_FAILURE: Commit fault: ASJ.ejb.005043 (Failed in component:, BC-XI-CON-IDO) Exception raised from invocation of public void method on bean instance for bean*xml|*xml|IDocReceiverBean in application; nested exception is: Error while send to module processor (raised by system xxxxxxxxxxx|XI_IDOC_DEFAULT_PID)

Any input is appreciated!

Kind regards,



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