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Apr 18, 2016 at 03:29 PM

Payout via vendor, tax via payroll


We use travel expenses in SAP, payout via vendor. This runs good so far, but our employees should pay tax on reimbursement of cleaning costs of their private clothes when they were on Business trip (Normally, there is no tax on reimbursement, but cleaning costs is an exception, required by law).

So how can we do this? SAP says there is an Integration to payroll, but how does it work?

We use payroll on the same System. We have Integration as follows: Reimbursement amounts for meals can be seen on wage tax certificate (Feature TRVPA=L+G 1, TRVPA=PA3 1).

We Register cleaning costs with expense type. The amount is being accounted via Financial Accounting (vendor). Tax should be accounted via payroll (Payout still via vendor).

How can we Transfer the voucher from travel expenses to payroll?

Has anybody an idea?

Thank you for advising!