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planning the Purchasing of a set/kit, but stock and needs on component level

We buy product A that is a set containing different parts in different quantities, lets say 2B's and 3 C's

We do it like this because is how the vendor supplies it. We inmediatly Split the KIT in the componets on gods receipt and keep the stock of both components. We use the components and we have the needs on component level.

needs for B and C are independent

We want to find an efective way to plan the external purchase of kit A in MRP PP ECC 6.0 taking into account both B and C, in a way that we do not suffer shortage of any of them.

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2 Answers

  • Posted on Apr 19, 2016 at 07:49 AM

    My first idea was to créate a bom for the component material most offten used and a co-product for the other.

    Somethin like

    B header

    A component

    C component with negative value

    And then make the needs of B be compoensated by planned orders tan would créate demand on A. It only woks partially If B is more often used etc. Not sure about the best way.

    Purchase order would be of material A and only to stock.

    Dismantling is not the issue, the probelm is just the correct planning.

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    • DIssasembly is not an importnat issue here.

      I will have demands on the system for component B and compoent C. I can prepare BOMs so B is header and A is "component" so there is demand created for A.

      Imagine the case whenthe phisical kit is like this

      A Kit header

      B componet

      C componetn

      and relatins 1-1-1

      Demand situation 1:

      B 10 pieces

      C 50 pieces

      In this case if I buy 50 it is enough, I do not need 60 (50 + 10)

      Demand situation 2

      B 30

      C 20

      In this case if I buy 30 is enough, i do not need 50 (30+20)

      I guess there is nothing simple so "Smart" but I wanted to check if any expert has any idea.

  • Posted on Apr 19, 2016 at 05:10 AM


    As such there is no standard solution for it in ECC.

    Please refer SAP help document on it.

    Kit to Stock - Goods Receipt - SAP Library

    Work around would be purchase it as a Kit and once you receive it in stock then do disassemble Production Order to break it on component level.

    Best Regards,


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