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Apr 18, 2016 at 12:13 PM

EDI: Sender port in control record is default


Hi Team,

We have migrated interfaces from our old PI 7.31 system to our new PO 7.5.

In one of interface we have migrated to PO 7.5, we are getting the below error when sending the IDOC message to SAP ECC.

Exception caught by adapter framework: (104) JCO_ERROR_SYSTEM_FAILURE: EDI: Sender port in control record is default (raised by system *******) Message 606 of class EA type A.

Some facts:

1) We are not getting this error when sending the same IDOC message from our old PI 7.31

2) There are two interfaces which we migrated to PO 7.5 that use the same IDOC message WHSCON.

The only difference between the two interfaces were the message function values.

E.g. One interface has message function 900 in the control record and the other having 920.

Both scenarios are properly configured in the SAP ECC partner profile.

The IDOC with message function 900 process successfully while the other does not (920).

3) In the new PO 7.5 system, we have disabled the apply control record in the IDOC_AAE channel.

***Note that the other interface which use the same IDOC message WHSCON runs fine in PO 7.5

***They have the same channel configuration

***Same receiving ECC system

***The only difference is the message function

Any idea?